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Harrison's Abortion Clinic

Dr. William F. Harrison
        On November 29, 2005 an article entitled "Offering Abortion, Rebirth" appeared in the Los Angeles Times. The article was written by Stephanie Simon and featured a prominent abortionist named Dr. William F. Harrison of Fayetteville, Arkansas. Harrison began performing abortions shortly after the Supreme Court's decision in 1973, and he estimates that he has terminated "at least 20,000 pregnancies."

        Harrison has no problem calling himself an "abortionist" and readily admits, "I am destroying life." He is also quoted as saying, "It's not a baby to me until the mother tells me it's a baby." Harrison has convinced himself that by taking life he is also giving life. He says, "When you end what the woman considers a disastrous pregnancy, she has literally been given her life back." He even borrows the biblical expression "born again" to describe his patients.

        In the article, we are introduced to several women visiting the clinic. One woman was a 35-year-old named Kim. She was in for her "second abortion in two years." We are also introduced to 20-year-old Amanda, who says, "It's not like I'm doing anything wrong." She attributes her strength to have an abortion to prayer, adding, "I really believe God has a plan for us all. I have a choice, and that's part of my plan." Amanda never even told the father of her child nor her parents with whom she lives that she was pregnant.

        Sarah, age 23, became pregnant while planning her wedding. She remarks, "I don't think my dress would have fit with a baby in there." Stephanie, age 32, has had "four abortions in the last 12 years." She calls abortion "a bummer, but no big stress." A high school volleyball player says she doesn't want to give up her body for nine months, and an 18-year-old says she wants to have "a good life."
        A 17-year-old in for a consultation assures the nurse that she does not consider the unborn child to be a baby. "Not until it's developed," she says. The nurse tries to ease the girl by replying, "Yours is more like a chicken yolk." The girl then concludes, "Then no, it's not a baby." The girl's mother was crying over in the corner.

        Harrison delivered 6,000 babies before giving up obstetrics in 1991. However, he tells Simon that he has no plans to give up the practice of killing them. The article ends with a promise by Harrison to continue performing abortions and the sobering words: "Three abortions before lunch and three more after: The appointment book is always full."

        [Addendum: Dr. Harrison died on September 24, 2010 at the age of 75. An article on Daily Kos called Harrison "an outspoken atheist."]  

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