Saturday, April 16, 2011

Some Reasons We Know Abortion is Wrong

        No debate in social or religious circles stirs greater emotions than the
so-called abortion rights discussion. Both sides are passionate about their
idealogical positions. The pro-abortionists are adamant in their defense of
the mother's rights. They say the mother's body is just that; her body, and
she has the right to decide what lives or dies inside of it. But this argument
overlooks a very important fact: the baby's body is not the mother's body.
The child is a separate person; a distinct individual having his own body,
soul, and mind with the implicit right to life. The anti-abortionists are
equally as adamant, defending the right of the unborn child to be born into
the world.

        Abortion is wrong because it is the process by which an innocent unborn
human being is murdered. All thinking people must admit that the child in the
mother's womb has done nothing worthy of death. The child has not committed
any capital crime against humanity. (Acts 25:10-11) I have never understood
why abortionists have no objections against murdering unborn babies, yet many
of them object to putting murderers to death. Isn't it strange that they defend the
mother's right to take the life of her unborn child, and in the next breath they
defend the murderer's right to life? Abortion advocates support and encourage
the murder of innocent people known as babies. (Rev. 21:8)

        Abortion is wrong because it denies the humanity of the baby that is in
the mother's womb. Most abortionists use "code words" that are designed to
desensitize peoples' hearts. Rarely do they speak of "human life in the womb."
Instead they speak of an " embryo," "mass," "substance," or "material" in the
womb. God's word teaches that conception is not merely the beginning of life
in the womb, but it is human life. That which is in the womb of the mother is
called "a baby." (Luke 1:41,44) I wonder if abortion would continue to
constitute a blood bath in this nation, if those who practice it, were to realize
that they are killing babies, little human beings?

         Abortion is wrong because it proceeds from a heart that is as cold as
the graves of the forgotten dead; as thoughtless as the stones on the bottom
of the sea; and as bloodthirsty as wolves fighting over the fallen carcass of
a lamb! How can a mother love herself yet give her own unborn baby up
to be slaughtered by the merciless hands of one who is under oath to
preserve life? Is it not time for modern mothers to learn a lesson from the
case of the two prostitutes who stood before king Solomon? (1 Ki. 3:16-28)
A "real" mother loves the child that is in her womb and that comes forth from
her womb. She will do all within her power to preserve the child's life. Paul,
the apostle of the Lord, wrote about people who are " lovers of themselves"
and "without love" for others. (2 Tim. 3:2-3; NIV 2011) Surely the
current state of this nation as it relates to the abortion issue reflects the
mindset about which Paul wrote.

Ron Daly

Copyright 2011